Iphone app Geert Hofstede’s 5 cultural dimensions

A new cross cultural tool has been released allowing you to consult the Geert Hofstede 5-dimensional cultural model on the Iphone.

From the CultureGPS website:

“CultureGPS is a tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch that enables you to analyze behavior differences in intercultural encounters and to predict to a certain degree, which interactions evolve when people from different nationalities meet and work together.”
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Learning to Understand China : Personal experience

Michael Prosser, a prominent figure in the study of intercultural communication, and distinguished professor of Shanghai International Studies University explains in this article that a major obstacle for Americans to learn about the real China, and the causes of the misunderstandings about China, is the lack of personal experience of the country.
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Relaunch ClearlyCultural.com

A new look for ClearlyCultural.com!

We will again be providing you with the latest news on cross cultural communication, as well as categorizing useful tools, resources and other information that will help you understand intercultural differences and how to apply that knowledge in informal and business settings.